Who is Hiring in December 2013?

Who is Hiring in Embedded and IT?

who is hiring in India this September

Searching for jobs in Embedded Jobs or VLSI Jobs or R&D Jobs or C++ Jobs in India. Who Hiring? Listed below are some of the employers hiring in India for the month of December 2013 for these job functions

Who Hiring: Embedded Hardware Engineering Jobs , Embedded C Jobs, Electronics Jobs

  • Collabera Technolgies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Microchip
  • HP

Who Hiring: IT Jobs specifically C++, PHP, SQL

  • Philips Electronics
  • Magna Infotech
  • Thomson Rueters
  • Symphony Teleca
  • Corp India Pvt Ltd
  • Randstad Ltd

Be sure to go prepare before you go to these companies. Have you developed a real life product, are you prepared for typical questions they might ask? Proof read your resume.  Does your resume show internships in area of interest. Adormi can help you prepare for job interviews. Checkout www.adormi.com Internship tab to choose between Electronics and Computer internships.

Knowing who is hiring is not good enough. Before you go for interviews make sure you read about the company profile. Be there before time. Take a copy of your resume. For best resume writing techniques and etiquites check AdormiBlogs. Review the basic concepts and speak loudly and slowly.

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Project Report Format – Abstract for Project


Looking for Final year project , here is an abstract to help you choose.

Abstract for Project:  Adormi Gesture based Wireless Presentation Tool


This product is an innovative new idea to create hand gesture based presentation tool for Microsoft power point. Presentation tool is touch less solution to flip pages and start or end the presentation mode. This product will be consisting of two pieces of hardware. One piece will be connected to the laptop/ PC through USB port and the other piece will be a wireless dongle which could be placed anywhere in the range of 15 meters radius of the first hardware. The wireless dongle contains infrared sensors which detects the direction of motion of hand when a swipe gesture is detected within 3cm radius of this hardware. The IR signal is encoded using HT12E encoder IC and transmitted to the receiver hardware connected to the laptop/ PC using 433 MHz RF module. Implementation of this product will require use of microcontroller and MATLAB code along with USB-UART converter.

  • Block  Diagram:


Gesture based Wireless Presentation Tool requires a MATlab equipped PC for gesture controlled presentation process. This project will made up of two different control boards named as gesture sensor or RF transmitter and presentation control board or RF receiver control board. Connect the RF receiver control board with the PC using USB to UART bridge controller. Provide input power supply to the RF transmitter (Gesture sensor) control board. Run the MATlab GUI file on the PC. After running GUI file a browsing window will appear on the screen. Now you select the presentation file in that browsing window. Doing so will help presentation first slide to appear on the PC screen. Now you pass a hand gesture from Right to left, in the distance of 3cm over the sensor hardware. Right to left gesture will show up next slide on the PC. If you pass a hand gesture from the left to the right previous slide will appear on the screen. If you put your hand in front of both of the sensors at the same time, presentation will automatically turn OFF.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Hardware:
    • Atmega-8 Microcontroller
    • RF Transmitter and Receiver Module
    • USB to UART bridge controller
    • IR Gesture Sensors
    • Encoder and Decoder ICs
    • MATLAB equipped PC
    • Printed Circuit Boards and other key components
    • Software:
      • Interactive GUI MATlab Interface
      • USB-UART Bridge controller Drivers

This is a sample of an Abstract for project report. If you need to buy compenents to buy the product you need to checkout www.Adormi.com/by-complexity where you will see a host of projects with all hardware and CD with all information you need to make your own project report.

Do not do dis-service to yourself do not buy pre-built projects.

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Best MBA Programs

What makes a Best MBA Program? MBA Programs around the world cover pretty much the same theoretical knowledge then how is one program better than the others. Why is Upenn/Wharton, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of business, London School of Business are different from any other MBA colleges?

We need to study these college programs in further details to understand them better.

Best MBA Programs constitute of the following key components

  • Core Subjects with decent selection of appropriate Electives
    These typically consist of Fixed core, Flexible core along with electives
  • Quality of Professors obviously make the programs great as well. Faculty must have worked in the industry themselves in the field of the subject they are teaching. Real life experience teaches much more than any book.
  • Visiting Professionals who share their experiences and views on subject matter give a fresh prespective to learning and keep student current with the market and market trends.
  • Overall personality Development Focus
    Along with educational electives there are several extracurricular like Sailing Club, Food Club, Student Advising Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Toastmasters etc. Work hard and Play hard makes a complete personality which helps a professional and a person grow.
  • Case Studies and Role Play assignments
    The curriculum is loaded with real life case studies of companies, Role play assignments and real life business problems.
  • Eligibility Criteria
    Professional work experience is a must. Very few fresh grads are taken into any MBA college. They expect you to experience real world before you begin MBA.
  • Global Immersion Program
    “A stint abroad enhances creative potential among MBA and undergraduate students.” – The Hindu.
    A recent article in Hindu rightly points that MBA Students who have visited aboard achieve better outcomes in negotiation exercises that demand creative.

Global immersion programs that encompass not just fun overseas visits for the sake of making a good MBA Program resume but to provide the much needed global exposure with visits to Business Schools and Industries overseas, Technology hotspots and also cultural immersion trips to understand psychology of people of different ethnicity. Adormi Technologies helps MBA colleges that don’t know where to start with Global Immersion Programs with a complete solution from Pre and Post assignments to the actual logistics and program creation and execution. Their Global Engg Outlook program is customized and available for MBA and Engineering students as two different program. Checkout www.adormi.com/geo

Best MBA Programs in India would be those who offer most of these above mentioned key components in their program.


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Who's Hiring in September 2013

Who is Hiring in Embedded and IT?

who is hiring in India this September

Searching for jobs in Embedded or PHP paid to write articles and SQL. Who Hiring? Listed below are some of the employers hiring in India for the month of September 2013 for these job functions

Who Hiring: Embedded Hardware Engineering Jobs , Embedded C Jobs, Electronics Jobs

  • Qualcomm
  • NCR Corporation
  • Robert Bosch
  • Broadcom
  • Juniper NEtworks
  • Symphony Telecast
  • Novell
  • Microchip Technology
  • Harman International
  • IGate

Who Hiring: IT Jobs specifically SQL, PHP and C Jobs

  • ITC Infotech India Ltd
  • Fujitsu Consulting
  • Magna Infotech
  • Altisource
  • iGate
  • Target India
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Amadeus Software
  • EMC Corporation

Before you go to these companies looking for jobs make sure you are prepared. Have you developed a real life product, are you prepared for typical questions they might ask? Is your resume proof read.  Does your resume show internships in area of interest. Adormi can help you prepare for job interviews. Checkout www.adormi.com Internship tab to choose between Electronics and Computer internships.

Knowing who is hiring is not good enough. Before you go for interviews make sure you read about the company profile. Be there before time. Take a copy of your resume. For best resume writing techniques and etiquites check AdormiBlogs. Review the basic concepts and speak loudly and slowly.

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Engineering Project Ideas

Engineering project ideas for electronics

Looking for some great engineering project ideas for electronics as final year projects or mini projects. Remember your aim is two fold getting good marks and getting a great resume. Great resume and good marks will help you with the end goal of a great job. However, to get a good job you need to know in and out of the project. Be it small or big project must be something you can understand in and out.

Dont combine multiple technologies. Look for engineering project ideas for electronics in some sites listed below

http://www.electroschematics.com has a good collection of electronics projects with circuit diagrams. They are divided into categories like Solar, DIY, Arduino, 555 to help you pick the right project for you.

Electronics for You magazine http://electronicsforu.com/ also has some great project ideas. Primarily used by Hobbyists and people who have built something before. The circuits are quite reliable, magazine has been in exisitance for a long time and has a large number of new ideas that comes with every issue.

Adormi Technologies http://www.adormi.com/by-complexity is great for first timers I would suggest to use good quality readymade kits will all components in there. You can use these to first build and also can expand on what already exists. Adormi has some great project kits and engineering project ideas with lot of material included in the interactive CD that comes with it. Pick the technology you want to work or choose coursework like analog electronics or embedded programing for a nice search available. Checkout product videos, creative project ideas. If you dont find exactly what you need, take the ppbase product and expand on it. If you would like some added technical help. Adormi aslo provides internship program which allows you to get dedicated technical mentor to help you build.

http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/ Is official IEEE site. As a student if you have no clue what to do, this is not the site you would want to be in. If you know topic you are interested in just type the keyword, browse through the papers and try to implement one of the ideas proposed. Professors love hearing that your engineering project idea is based on an IEEE paper.

You can also do some back tracking pick IEEE paper you like and use that to search the components or a project based on the idea.

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What is Internship?

what is internshipInternship offers you a unique opportunity to students to have hands on experience with industry while still in college. These are major aids in seeking employment after graduation. Internship exposes students to industry environment and work culture making it easier for them to transition from students to professionals. It gives a chance for the student to understand their strengths and get feedback from industry. Internships benefit both students and industry. Industry gets a chance to get some work done and test a student for an extended period before making them a permanent employee.

There are two kinds of internships available in the industry: 2 month and 6 month internship. Most companies offer internship for 6 months alone, these can be paid or unpaid. Two month internships are usually unpaid and hard to find. The kind of work in an internship is dependent on the company’s requirements, what they(company) needs to get done. More opportunities in internship are in the operations and support side and very few in R&D. Internships are few and students are plenty. Companies interview students throroly to select few candidates.

The more number of internships the better your chances to get a job. Internship hunt must begin from 1st year itself. Some colleges provide a dedicated time for internship while others do not. For those colleges that do not provide time for internship, there are several flexible at home internship programs that help you get exposure during regular college sessions providing you your choice of exposure to industry. These internships are paid internships where you have to pay fees for getting service of the internship.

Internship opportunities in India ?

India has a lot of internship opportunities available during summer and for an entire semester (6 months). Most colleges tie up with companies to place students as interns. However, these opportunities are limited to major cities in India, where living expenses are high and stipend(pay) just enough to cover living expenses. Increasingly in India opportunities to do internships from home are available. There are several internship related websites that show internship oppurtunities for various field. Indian job sites have also started posting internship positions helping connect students with hiring managers.

How to choose the right internship?

While choosing the right internship you must keep the following in mind

  1. Location :  What cities are you open to moving? Where do you want to make a long term career? Its no use choosing a city where you will never move or where living expenses are unaffordable.
  2. Company: What is the profile of the company where you think you would be seeking employment in the long run. Does this company match the profile of the company you are looking for (R&D, Support, Operations, Manufacturing etc)? Big names do not nescissarily equate to the right company. Eg. If you are an Electronics engineer CitiBank may not be the right company.
  3. Kind of Opportunity: Does this opportunity give you the kind of exposure you have been seeking? What is the work? Will you be able to do what you thought you would be doing in the company.
  4. Stipend: Is the stipend good enough to pay for all your lodging, travel and food expenses? These expenses differ from city to city, ensure you do your research before you accept. Eg. Rs. 5000 may be great stipend in Punjab but not in Bombay.
  5. Chances of employment: How many students are hired at the end of each year in the company? What is the kind of students hired? Do you think you are the right profile to be hired. Think over these questions before you accept.
  6. Network and exposure to industrial executives: What division will you be working in? What people will you be networking with? The people you network or associate with also governs your learning curve. They also would be helpful in seeking employment elsewhere if not in the current company. Learning from others experience will make you a learned person and more fit for the industry.

Checkout www.adormi.com/internship for some internship oppurtunities with no eligibilty to add to your portfolio of internships.

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How to build award winning science projects?

science projectAwarding winning science project means not only a cool project but also a great presentation. When building a science project the important things are its content and how you use out-of-the-box thinking. You need to buy cialis 20mg break up your project thinking into different parts to add a more systematic design.

Sections in Science Project Presentation


Write a short paragraph about your main question. It could be either one: What am I trying to find out? or What am I trying to make?
If it is an experiment, explain what you will be measuring (current flow, voltage, intensity, etc)
Tell the reader what you think will happen or what should happen according to you.
Explain with many reasons as to why you think your predictions will be true.


List down all the materials/components that you will be including in your science project. If you are substituting a material/component, then list the actual material/component and the substitution.
List the steps or directions you will follow. Keep each step in order and do not use words like “you should” or “you have to”. It creates a very demanding situation. Sentences like “The resistor of 20k ohms is to be place between the resistors of 10k and 50k ohms” should be used.
Make sure that your directions are clear such that if anyone wanted to make or try your project they could repeat it by following your directions.


Record all of your readings in a daily log.
Rewrite your collected readings in a neat data table, a chart or a graph
Take multiple readings and average out the result.
If your readings were observations, write a short paragraph of what you observed during the science project experiment.


Compare your hypothesis to your results.
Tell the reader if your hypothesis supports or does not support your results.
If your results did not turn out the way you thought it would, explain why you think they turned out like they did.
Write a few sentences about if you could change your project to make it better, how would you if you had to do it all over again?
Write what you would try to find out next if you continued to work on the same project.
Tell the reader what you mainly learned from your work on the project.


It should be about a page long of a short explanation of the whole project.
Explain what you were trying to find out briefly.
Tell the reader your hypothesis.
Also write briefly how you tested your hypothesis.
Finally briefly your conclusion stating results of science project

These are the five segments to a successful and worthy science project. Remember to include all these points and to add your interpretation. To choose a cool innovative product checkout www.adormi.com/by-school and get all hardware and science project report material .

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What to expect in your first job?

Have landed with your first job. What are do’s and don’ts. What to expect and do in your first job?

In your first job expectations are many, make sure you do not get overwhelmed.

  • Expect lot of forms HR paper work : There would be lot of forms, PF, Disclaimers, Work ethics, Internet usage policies etc.
  • Be Punctual, attentive, reliable: Ensure first 3000 hours of work you must attend on or before time. Pay attention to meetings and reliability get things done.
  • Performance reviews, ask for an evaluation in a month: First 90 days are probation period ensure you create a good impression.
  • Constructive critism: Ask for feedback and how to improve
  • Listening is important: Listen more and talk intelligently. Understand big picture.
  • Complete the year at the job: Most people think of changing jobs within an year. Give the job atleast a year to see if you like it or you don’t. If you jump ships often you may get a god raise in the beginning but your career and salaries will plateau in the long run. Typical in Indian job market today. Hence India creates lots of jack of all and master of none.
  • Manage expectation: Don’t lie about your skills, If you have then prepare for them well. People who have prepared for jobs before hand will be
  • Observe company culture, communication: Read about company before hand, know about nature of business. Observe the culture. Use the prevalent method, in-person talk or messaging or email
  • Email ethics: Do not CC the world on a reply that is negative
  • Be truthful: If something is not happening tell them, it won’t happen
  • Take initiative: Ask for new responsibilities, be eager to learn. But do not over-commit and under perform
  • Work for passion not for money. Dance like nobody is watching
  • Follow a plan: Even if a failure, boss will be impressed you have thought through
  • Create linked in profile and update
  • Double your job description
  • Remember Names of Co-workers and call them by name when you see them to say hello. It makes them feel good.
  • Say yes to lunch most lunch meetings end up in useful bonding

PCB Design Tool

PCB Design Tool: Aliuim Designer Overview

Looking for an PCB Design Tool suggest you take a look at Altuim that is great for PCB design and embedded software design. Altium Designer falls under the category of an EDA (Electronic Design Automation). It is a software tool which is proprietary of Altium. It is used for making electronic design i.e. Printed Circuit Boards, Schematics etc. It provides Design Data Management System and works efficiently in developing the designs. It has been used in the research to develop the design.

FPGA [Field Programmable Gate Array] Designers have everything they need to explore FPGAs “out of the box”. They do no longer have to search the web for drivers, peripherals or other software, and then have the hard work of integrating all these elements to make them work together.

Using the Altium, electronics designers can construct ‘soft’ processor-based systems inside FPGAs without any prior FPGA expertise. Engineers do not need any specialist VHDL or Verilog skills. Instead, they can use their existing board layout and systems design skills to construct, test and implement FPGA-based embedded systems. The libraries and  graphical editors that are central to Altium Designer mean they can simply add processors, memory controllers, peripheral blocks and software stacks. They have everything they need to create next-generation, FPGA-hosted embedded systems with off-the-shelf components without having to write HDL or low level driver code.

Key features of the Altium board include:

  1. Dual 256kx16 bit, FPGA-configurable, high-speed, static RAM
  2. Delta Sigma stereo DAC with user-adjustable corner frequency
  3. Dual  miniature speakers with volume control
  4. Audio Line Out and headphone 2.5mm jacks with volume control
  5. 6-digit 7-segment LED display
  6. Fixed 50mHz clock
  7. RS232 serial port
  8. VGA port
  9. ps2 mini din mouse port
  10. ps2 mini din pc keyboard port
  11. 8-way DIP switch
  12. LED array, 8 LEDs
  13. Dual 20 pin I/O expansion headers with power supply selection links
  14. User-defined test/reset button

Altium provides the system-wide of the various design processes that go to make up a complete electronic product is crucial to maintaining design efficiency into the future. Altium Designer is the only electronic product development solution available that allows mainstream engineers and designers to take a complete electronic product from concept to completion within a single, integrated design environment.

Altium is a paid tool but students can use evaluation version to checkout coo features and learn the product. Other tools you might want to checkout are Cadence Allegro PCB dsigner, ExpressPCB, Mentor Graphics. Before choosing a tool ensure there is supportability and features. Cost is always one of the major concernsa as well.


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What not to do while writing a Cover Letter!

A carefully crafted cover letter gives you an advantage over other applicants and increases your chances of getting that job. In a cover letter you are making a statement about why choose YOU over anyone else. Write a cover letter such that you get noticed and end the job search. It gives you chance to make a case and cover and summarize those things you can’t express in your resume and come across as real person to potential employers. Following are the general guidelines that you should follow and potholes you must avoid to write that winning cover letter.

Not knowing when a cover letter is required and when it is not required

Some job applications require you to send your cover letter along with your CV while some require you to instead fill out an application form. Not giving attention to what the company has asked you give an impression that you don’t pay attention to details.

Not addressing the recipient rightly

You should ensure that you address the recipient by his/her proper title (Mr., Dr., Mrs. Etc.). If you don’t know the name of the recipient, contact the company to know the details as not addressing the proper person shows that you are sending form letters.

Not communicating effectively what you can do for the company

Make sure that you list those specific qualities that make you suitable for the job. Tell the employer how you can contribute towards the company. One common mistake is telling the company what they can do for you and not what you can do for them. Tough it is important to tell them why you are interested in the job; you should relate it to your skills.

Not proofreading your cover letter

Grammatical mistakes, typo errors, spelling mistakes show that you are not sincere for the job application. You should proofread the resume and also ask one of your friends or colleague to proof read it for you. It is a good practice to read your cover letter aloud to know how it is sounding.

Confusing your cover letter with your resume 

Don’t rewrite your resume in your cover letter. Your employer would read that anyway. The three main points you should cover are

Why am I a qualified candidate for this position?

What work experience do I have that fits the job requirements in the company’s listing?

Why do I want to work for this company specifically?

Do not use a cookie cutter template for cover letter

The cover letter is to make you stand out. DO not go for things that are commonly used, use your creativity and stand out. E.g. handwrite your cover letter, use a different kind of paper etc. If you want a great job ensure you portray yourself as energetic, hardworking and problem solver, not template will help you with that.

Do not use hard words

The cover letter should be easy to read and follow. Do not use hard words or make it extremely technically hard. HR is the one who looks at it first; anybody and everybody who reads it should understand it, even if it is very technical.

Don’t forget your signature

Signing the cover letter is the last part and people forget to do so because it is the only part you won’t be typing. If you are submitting your cover letter digitally it is a good idea to scan and add your signature.

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