How The Schools Set Stage For A Successful Career

“If you improve education by teaching for competence, eliminate schooling, and connecting with students, the test scores will improve”- William Glasser. The new generation schools believe in teaching for competence and are looking to develop a child in a wholesome manner. Nurturing a child involves great efforts and initiatives such as extracurricular activities, innovative teaching methodologies and inculcating a sense of independence amongst them.


It is widely believed that to attain a successful career, it is important to develop a great personality along with technical competency. Personality is developed through various extracurricular activities which include sports, drama, music and various team building activities. Technical competency can be developed by combining theoretical classroom with practical hands on experience. The schools have constantly made efforts to encourage the extracurricular activity life of the student by making some activities mandatory such as sports, music, theatre, etc. Also, the modern schools are adopting the hands on method of teaching various technical concepts to the children. Practical experience has gained immense importance in the academic curriculum.


The schools have adopted new strategies to combine fun with education. Making practical experience a fun activity is one of those strategies. The implementation of educational products as a part of curriculum as well as hobby activities is one such innovative strategy adopted by modern schools.

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