Engineering Final Year Projects

How important is Engineering final year project? Why bother making them when you can pay some money in the market and get all you want? Why do students end up buying projects?

Having interviewed several engineers I realized that students in India try to take shortcuts to final year Engineering project.

During interviews one of the most important question for new grads is “What engineering projects did you work on?”

The idea as an interviewer is to find out what students understood and how much hands on experience they have. Unfortunately, most new grads from India have shallow knowledge. They end up buying their final year BTECH reports and engineering projects. What they don’t realize is that by doing this finding a job later will be hard. Even if they do find jobs they would have to struggle in their jobs. So, why not fix it right the first time around.

Most students I interviewed said their biggest problem was
1. Lack of guidance
Most colleges and professors have so many students that students do not get the required guidance.
2. Fear of unknown
Since these students have not built anything before how can they build something big in the final year?
3. Lack of research material
There is a lot of research they need to do to get the right project reports, where to find the ones which are fit for student use. Most relevant information especially circuit theory, technology and market trends is hard find.
4. Lack of time
Amidst, job search, extra curriculum, college fests, college coursework it’s hard to find so much time to dedicate on the final project.

1. Improve awareness of the educators by exposing them to industry, making them work in the industry or exposing them to industry technology through regular seminars. Wipro 10X is one such program.

2. Introducing small projects as a part of the curriculum of course work/practical, where one student works on building one product. Building projects provides more than just thrill of building. It helps with independent thinking, trouble shooting and gives exposure to end to end cycle. The governing education boards are mandating students to build not buy readymade projects.

3. Research material is hard to find. Several technical magazines can do the trick. Adormi Technologies has a research section in the CD with classroom theory, technology overview and market trends along with all hardware. Instructional videos included should also help students get both confidence and guidance required.

4. Many educational companies are now focused on software material that aid in supplementing the college knowledge. Training institutes give both soft-skills and hard-skill training. However these are more in software than hardware fields.

These efforts both by educator and industry should help improve quality of students by encouraging them to do more hands on.

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