Where can I find electronics projects?

Electronics gadgets have become a part of daily life over the past decade and are increasing in numbers. Electronics is increasingly used in every industry from automotive, medical, computing, communication, defense, home automation, construction, entertainment, robotics and more. Hence it is important to know basics of electronics and better yet in and out of electronics used in your field of specialization.

There are several electronics projects available in local markets either as readymade products or kits. The quality of kits vary, most kits have only a PCB and some components with hand drawn circuit diagram. Others have part of the hardware but not all with no guidance at all. If you are new to building your own projects and are scared to building without guidance look for products with everything in a box all hardware, software, power supply, interactive instructional CD, Step by step guides, Electronics fundamentals basics, real life applications, classroom theory and technology overview and career section. Evaluate after sales support and quality.

Buying electronics projects helps no one but the manufacturer. It’s a quick way of making money. Lot of companies have cropped up in Major cities, Bangalore  alone has over 80 such institutes. These make good money charging anywhere from Rs. 15-30K for each project bought. They create project reports and give you readymade projects. Don’t do disservice to yourself. Do not buy readymade projects, build them, they will help you in the long run. Students often look for short term benefits of getting great grades in their project coursework but get exposed as soon as they go in from of interviewers. Before finding right circuit diagram, enough guidance and required hardware was a challenge but not anymore. Look for companies that can give you all guidance and support only when you need it. Struggle a bit but ensure you have help at fingertips if required. It’s not always about succeeding in making the latest and greatest product, the experience of failure is also a great learning tool.

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