How to write an effective resume?

It is very important to write an effective resume. The employers have a pile of resume viagra professional to go through and if your resume has even one mistake your resume can end up in a pile of trash. Having a strong and effective resume would get you one step closer to landing that dream job. So what is the mantra for writing an excellent resume? Well there is no magical mantra just some small steps that you need to keep in mind. Here we list some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while writing a resume.

  • Make a list of resume contents Before writing a resume make a check list of all your achievements.
  • Know the company job profile properly. Now select those achievements which are relevant to the job profile and put them in the resume. The selectors don’t have the time to go through a very long resume and therefore it is important to list and highlight those points which will increase your chances of getting the job.
  • Make sure you use the right keywords. Many companies use digital databases to search for candidates. The digital search result lists those resumes which have certain keywords the company is looking for, so make sure your resume contains them. You can get an idea of these words by seeing the company’s job ads and job descriptions.
  • Proofread your resume atleast twice or as many times as required. One small typing or grammatical mistake can make you lose that dream job. It is good idea to get the resume proof read by someone trusted and who works in the same field. Microsoft Word provides spell check facility but don’t rely on work alone.
  • Use bullet points. No one has the patience to go through long paragraphs of text.
  • Prioritise the information. Put the most relevant and important information first and so on. This should be done for the overall resume as well as the individual sections.
  • Don’t include any negative information in your resume. For example, you don’t need to mention why you quit your last job.
  • Mention % or GPA if high There is certain information like your age, race etc which you don’t need to mention unless specifically asked. Mention your CGPA only if it is above 3.5/4. If your percentage or GPA is not that great, mention first class or distinction
  • Make your resume appear good Use Fonts that look good but are also easy to read. Choose template for resume carefully, MS Office provides several such templates
  • Don’t make your resume too long. Most employers go for resume which are at max 1 or 2 pages long
  • Use action verbs which communicate your skill. These include words like managed, coached, planned etc.
  • Don’t mention your hobbies unless they are relevant to the job profile.
  • Keep your resume updated. Make sure it includes all your important achievements till date.
  • Avoid using jargon or slang. Don’t use any jargon that you used at your old company as your new employers might be unaware of them.
  • Highlight your important information like name and contact details.
  • You can also consider getting professional help for writing your resume if you are not getting many responses. There are many companies who provide this service.

If mailing resume ensure you use good quality paper with good font and sober colors. Some people also choose to put perfume on the resume to attract attention of HR executives.

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