Importance of Personality Assessment Test

Personality Tests have become very popular these days with the individuals as well as the employers. Personality has been defined by N. Brody and H. Ehrlichman as “those thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, and action tendencies that contribute to important aspects of individuality.” Every individual differs from the other in terms of a lot of factors. For example some people like to stay alone or work alone while others prefer the company of a few close friends and some others enjoy being amidst a large crowd. Other factors also influence behaviour (e.g., social setting, mood, recent events, health, and relationships) as well, but personality is a major force behind individual differences in behavioral tendencies and how they deal with different situations.

Today there are so many different job profiles and their associated different kinds of jobs responsibilities that it is very important for the employers to select the right person for the right job in order to get maximum productivity. A study by American Management Association reveals that 39 percent of companies surveyed use personality testing as part of their hiring process. Even individuals need to select jobs which are most suited for their personality in order to get job satisfaction. Every profession requires a different kind of personality for successful performance. For example a sales person needs to be more outgoing and social when compared to let us say a mechanic. If you choose a job which lets you be yourself you would no doubt be happier. You can find many personality tests which are available on the internet, in a magazine, or through a professional organization.The most important part of any personality test is the results you get and what you decide to do with them.

There are many different kinds of personality tests available. The most famous ones are the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the MMPI, and a number of tests based on the Five Factor Model of personality. The basic method which most of the test employ is to ask the applicant a set of indirect questions which will throw some light on the personality. For example if someone prefers reading a book on the beach over attending a beach side party, he/she probably likes to stay alone rather than socialize with a large crowd. Once they collect the answers for a set of questions the evaluators use statistical and numerical tools to predict the personality. This method is known as self-report inventory. There are many other methods for assessing personality, including observational measures, peer-report studies, and projective tests (e.g. the TAT and Ink Blots). A personality test can’t confirm whether a particular individual will be successful or not at a job but it can surely give an idea about who is more likely to be successful. If you have a clear idea about your personality you can work on your weak points and use your strong points to your advantage.

Even one particular industry may have different kinds of job profiles. For example when it comes to electronic industry you can either be an application engineer or a design engineer etc. There are not many tests available to assess what type of engineer you can be; therefore Adormi Technologies has come up with the Adormi Technical Personality Assessment Test (ATPAT). It helps you to know about most suited job function for you and your inclination towards various electronic industries. It also throws light on your preferred working style and hardware/software job inclination. It recommends you company’s for internship and Adormi products you should work on. It also suggests electives you should take and further studies. The results of the test depend solely on your interests irrespective of your skills in that particular area.

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