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According to Forbes India 2.64 Lakh students went to study abroad in 2012 which is a 256% raise over the last decade. Approx. 2.2 Crore Indians work aboard per Ministry Of Overseas India Affairs and with the increasing number of multinationals in India over the last decade, the competition is no longer Indian Students it is now global. So what is it that International Students do differently while learning that we should adopt

Activity Based Learning

It is a well known fact that Activity based learning helps in several different ways like better retention, enables better understanding of core concepts, grabs attention of students of various IQ’s, enables active learning, provides a sense of accomplishment and exploratory skills. A well known fact is Indian education is very theoretical, we focus on theoretical Learning not as much on Practical Learning. Schools and Individuals should also adapt to Activity based learning.

Do it Yourself

Indian Society is service driven; broken fuse or flush not working there is a handyman who comes and fixes everything from small to big. There is no concept of fix it yourself; people think if you fix it yourself you become a mechanic. There are several hidden advantages to fix it yourself, it not the cost that deters developed nations around the globe to fix things themselves. Learning something new is fun and fulfilling, you also build troubleshooting and testing skills. Most Technical jobs in the industry are not R&D (Research and Development) jobs they are related to what happens after R&D, testing and support contribute a high percentage of these. We as Indian’s must hence expose our kids to fixing and building things themselves.


A very familiar term used in Indian schools is extra-curricular activities, which mean non-academic activities as optional learning material. Concentration must be on including non-academic activities as a part of the curriculum (i.e. co-curricular) not as optional activities (ie extra-curricular). These have the advantages of social interaction, building leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence. Most international colleges look for all-rounders in student applications.

Provide Platform to Experiment in Undefined Environment

International Education systems provide undefined environment to experiment for their students. These schools provide some material, and ask you to build something that works. There is no right or wrong answer, as long you try, it is fine. Failure is the best teacher, next time you would not what not to do. This instils innovation and sparks creativity in students. Most problems in the industry are undefined; people who can resolve these problems and come up with innovative solutions are the ones who assume leadership roles. We always look for workshops or classes as a solution to teaching students. Don’t be afraid for them to experiment and spoil things there are inexpensive options also available in the market today to allow them to do so.

Just New or Unique is not creativity. Most products sold in the modern world are not new or unique products but existing products. Besides to build something innovative and unique you must start with the basic building blocks of the existing. Hence it is extremely important to build and understand the minor details of the existing products. To date in India there are less number of product companies compared to any comparable nations, part of which is the fault of the Indian education system.  Introducing Do-it-yourself products in the education of students/individuals will help fill the gap between the education system and industry and help them compete internationally. Adormi Technologies is a company found by Industry executives and academicians to provide Do-it-yourself electronics to students in the Indian market to build on these skills.

Sumita Somani
CEO, Adormi Technologies



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