How to create a professional technical presentation?

Use the below mentioned tips to create and effective technical presentation:

  • Do not use gaudy colors or extreme contrasts
    Technical presentations use sober soothing colors that are easy to read and easy on eyes. Do not use contrast colors on slides. Sober colors make it look professional
  • Use points, avoid full sentences
    Effective professional presentations do not write a story, make bullets short but effective. You don’t have to be there to explain the points, they should be self explanatory
  • Use plenty descriptive visual aids
    A picture paints a thousand words. Technical presenatations must use usual aids like graphs, circuit diagrams, block diagrams and graphics. Ensure you properly label them and explain in words what it means
  • Maximum 6 points per slide
    Do not clutter slides. Ensure goods font size and less information in one slide all belonging to the same topic. Avoid wordiness.
  • Choose your slide title effectively
    Ensure the title tells the message you are trying to convey. Do not jump topics. Break the slides if there are too many things you need to cover
  • Check spellings, grammar
    Ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. Technical presenatations or any other documents must not have spelling mistakes. Proof read and spell check before your submit or present slides
  • First slide must have outline
    The first slide must have everything you are going to cover, otherwise you might get a lot of questions about things you may already be covering in the slides
  • Be consistent with transitions
    Do not go crazy with creativity and transitions, DO NOT use random transitions. They can be very annoying. Avoid sounds effects when transitioning, they appear kiddish.
  • Do not go overboard with animation
    Noice technical presenters or newbies like to show off their new cool features. Animation is fine, but keep it to decent quantity.
  • Use different size font to show hierarchy
    Ensure you have major points, then you have sub bullets . Ensure proper delimitations.
  • Keep same font
    Do not change the style of the font from one slide to another. Use easy to read font, so that matter can be understood.
  • Capitalize only if necessary
    Do not capitalize the entire bullet. It is rude to be shouting (capitalization means shouting) throughout the presentation. Only use caps when stressing on certain key information.
  • Use simple background
    If these slides are printed ensure they look good. Too much animation, flowers or color make it look kiddish.
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