What must you look for in Summer Internships?

Why have Summer Internships?

Summer is a short break, make best use of it.  Finding paid summer internships are hard to find, besides these internships may not be able to give you exposure to right kind of work that you are looking to do. Be it paid or unpaid internship.

Make sure this summer internship gives you exposure to industry segments; this will help you make better choices in the future understand your liking and dislikes.

Prepare you for future jobs; make sure it’s not a classroom environment. Industry is not like classroom, you must have scope for independent learning and self discovery.

Provide Guidance only as much is required. Spelling out entire job to perform may not be the best way to learn. Get bits and pieces of information as required.

Getting exposure to building something yourself like software program or some piece of hardware during this summer internship would be an added advantage.

One must get exposure and insight from people in the industry. Their tips and insight will help you in the long run, what to expect in your job, what to do to prepare for that university you want to get into and more.

Some Summer Internships also give a visit to the industry. You can see real job functions in action and understand what is important when you are studying not just to get good marks but also when you graduate to get into the company.

Make most of your summer internship or short winter breaks whenever you get them in between semesters you will see you will be a much confident individual that will reflect in interviews.

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