Introduction to Networking

Networking is a major branch of computer overight delivery viagra science and has been around since the 1960′s. Since then pay for homework plenty of Multi-national companies have now based themselves in this field.

Without networking information sharing like we have today would be impossible. The best way to learn these technologies is by hands on experimenting, look for projects in these technolgies possibly with in-depth analysis and trends in technology.┬áIn today’s world Networking can be broadly classified into 5 major fields

  1. Ethernet: This is a family of protocols used in LAN(Local Area Network), described by a set of standards together called as IEEE 802. Although one of the first networking standards to be created Ethernet today still holds a majority in the networking world. This is because it is fast cheap and reliable and has added many more sub-protocols under its hood to meet 21stcentury requirements
  2. WirelessLAN: Although this comes under the Ethernet hood with an IEEE protocol number as 802.11 W-LAN has established itself as a separate networking technology. It implements the same protocol as wired LAN but replaces the copper cables with radio waves which allows networking wirelessly up to 300ft.
  3. Bluetooth: One of the newer technologies in the networking world, Bluetooth was introduced only 13 years ago, sceptics claimed it would be phased out soon but developments in the technology have ensured a permanent place amongst other competing technologies. This protocol is a Wireless protocol that provides high speed and reliable communication over short distance. Bluetooth also uses much less power than its other networking counterparts making it ideal for mobile phone and portable devices.
  4. Storage: Although not primarily thought off as a networking field. Storage of data in fact is a major networking area. When large companies wish to store data storing on only one central location or one type of storage medium is not practical or safe. Data is stored in multiple domains on the internet and solid state devices, apart from this data is stored as disaster management data or backup or archive data. This kind of data networking is known and enterprise storage and is the standard procedure in all large companies.
  5. Infiniband:To support the above mentioned networking of enterprise storage high speed connections are required which is provided by Infiniband. It features high throughput low latency and failover. The technology is also being expanded by the military in UAV’s to enhance capabilities.

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