Targeting to Study Abroad?

Targeting to Study Abroad? How do you plan for it?

If you are targeting to study abroad what should you do to ensure to get admitted. Plan for studies abroad ahead of time with some simple steps.

Key Steps:

  1. Choose the country abroad where you want to study – India, Europe, US
  2. Pick the specialization or interest for studying abroad– eg.

    Engineering, Political Science

  3. Grade are important – 9th -11th grade matter for US and Canada. 12th grade results UK and Singapore for overseas studies
  4. SAT Preparation – Different countries has different rules for studying abroad US mandates, Singapore and Hong Kong also prefer these, Some colleges in Canada do as well.
  5. Sports and extra-curricular achievements also important – No matter which country Level of Achievement in any sport or extra curricular help with admissions
  6. Finances – Make sure before applying you know if you have enough finances to support college you are paying for, calculate cost of living as well of the country you wish to study.
  7. Competitive exam preparation is mandatory for Indian premier institutes in India as well.  
  8. Good counseling sessions help you understand your true inclination. Ensure you have good counselor that will tell you what are mandates of studying abroad. EdVantage International is a good site to help for counselling to study abroad
  9. Hands-on learning and innovative thinking. Most colleges abroad have a different style of thinking they expect you to understand and innovate. Ensure you look at IB or IG curriculum and do more hands on
  10. Make a file of portfolio of academic and non academic activities this will help you immensely during the the applications for studies abroad
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1 response to Targeting to Study Abroad?

  1. I would highly susgget that you study abroad but internships and the LSAT are key. The Study Abroad office on my campus likes to say that study abroad experience is for you to grow as a person, learn new cultures, and become more mature. As to a resume, they say it’s something interesting to talk about in the interview, but probably nothing more. Some study abroad programs also offer hand-in-hand internship programs so you should look into that possibility. As for law school, they’re going to want to know what you did all summer and you’ll say, well, I was studying for the test to get into your school, and as they wonder what unique experiences you have to bring into their universities, that won’t be on the list because everyone had to study for the LSAT it’s like taking a summer to study for the SAT versus having a great job over the summer and just studying during the evening/your time off. The truth is, the undergrad college you are in probably wanted you to have good SAT scores to get in but they more considered that a given. That’s why there was a spot for your scores, but not a slot for time spent studying for the SAT. They expect both. You should be able to get an internship and still study for the LSAT. If you studied all day, you would fry your brain anyway. If you really took the studying seriously all summer, even with a job, then you should reach whatever level of skill you are capable of.

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