The Right Approach for Conducting Research

In case you are planning to write a research paper or report or just trying to understand your project topic this article would surely be helpful for you. Most of us take a lot of time for finding and going through research material which doesn’t even turn out to be helpful. It is very important to have a systematic and planned approach towards research otherwise you would end up wasting time and might even get diverted to a completely wrong direction. Let us start from the first step.

Choosing the topic: It is very important to choose a topic that interests you otherwise you might not be able to give your best due to lack of enthusiasm.

Choose a particular topic in your area of interest for example in case you are researching on electronic industry you can narrow it down to defence electronic industry or medical electronic industry.

Finding information:

Surf the Net.

The net is the best place for finding information. For general or background information, check out useful URLs, general information online, almanacs or encyclopedias online such as Britannica and Wikipedia.

Pay attention to domain name extensions, e.g., .edu (educational institution), .gov (government), or .org (non-profit organization). These sites are more trustable than other commercial sites. Be careful while choosing a .com site since some of them might bombard you with advertisements instead of data. A good way of conducting research is by reading a lot of research papers on the topic. There are many organizations and sites like IEEE, gartner which provide papers for research. Some other sites to find good research news are AlphaGalileo, ScienceDaily, Futurity etc. Some of the papers are free while some would be for sale. You should decide which paper to buy or not by reading its abstract carefully.


You can either search for e-books online or in a public/college library. In case you are planning to buy a book try asking about the book on online forums or to your teachers or peers who work in the same field.

Write the Purpose

Write down the purpose of your research in one line. It very important to know yourself and be focused on what you want to accomplish through the research.

Make a general structure of the report/paper

Writing an outline gives you a direction for writing your paper and helps you to organize your research. A example of an outline is given below

Different Segments of Electronic Industry (Title of Paper)


I. Growth of Electronic Industry

1. Reason

2. Other supportive factors

II. Use of Electronic in Different Industries

1. Financial factors

2. Research and Development

Organize your research material

Once you have made your outline organize your research material according to it. This will give a clear idea of what area you still need to research on and which topics have already been covered by you.

Proof Reading

Write your first draft and then proof read it completely to find any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It is a good idea to get someone reliable to go through your report or paper since they would be able to point out mistakes that have gone unnoticed by you. In case your paper is for general public ask someone who is not a specialist if the report makes sense to him/her.

Final Report/Research paper

Once your first draft is proof-read and revised accordingly you can now write your final edition of the same. We have prepared these guidelines through our experience of creating detailed reports on career and market, technology overview etc provided with various Adormi Products.

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