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PCB Design Tool: Aliuim Designer Overview

Looking for an PCB Design Tool suggest you take a look at Altuim that is great for PCB design and embedded software design. Altium Designer falls under the category of an EDA (Electronic Design Automation). It is a software tool which is proprietary of Altium. It is used for making electronic design i.e. Printed Circuit Boards, Schematics etc. It provides Design Data Management System and works efficiently in developing the designs. It has been used in the research to develop the design.

FPGA [Field Programmable Gate Array] Designers have everything they need to explore FPGAs “out of the box”. They do no longer have to search the web for drivers, peripherals or other software, and then have the hard work of integrating all these elements to make them work together.

Using the Altium, electronics designers can construct ‘soft’ processor-based systems inside FPGAs without any prior FPGA expertise. Engineers do not need any specialist VHDL or Verilog skills. Instead, they can use their existing board layout and systems design skills to construct, test and implement FPGA-based embedded systems. The libraries and ¬†graphical editors that are central to Altium Designer mean they can simply add processors, memory controllers, peripheral blocks and software stacks. They have everything they need to create next-generation, FPGA-hosted embedded systems with off-the-shelf components without having to write HDL or low level driver code.

Key features of the Altium board include:

  1. Dual 256kx16 bit, FPGA-configurable, high-speed, static RAM
  2. Delta Sigma stereo DAC with user-adjustable corner frequency
  3. Dual  miniature speakers with volume control
  4. Audio Line Out and headphone 2.5mm jacks with volume control
  5. 6-digit 7-segment LED display
  6. Fixed 50mHz clock
  7. RS232 serial port
  8. VGA port
  9. ps2 mini din mouse port
  10. ps2 mini din pc keyboard port
  11. 8-way DIP switch
  12. LED array, 8 LEDs
  13. Dual 20 pin I/O expansion headers with power supply selection links
  14. User-defined test/reset button

Altium provides the system-wide of the various design processes that go to make up a complete electronic product is crucial to maintaining design efficiency into the future. Altium Designer is the only electronic product development solution available that allows mainstream engineers and designers to take a complete electronic product from concept to completion within a single, integrated design environment.

Altium is a paid tool but students can use evaluation version to checkout coo features and learn the product. Other tools you might want to checkout are Cadence Allegro PCB dsigner, ExpressPCB, Mentor Graphics. Before choosing a tool ensure there is supportability and features. Cost is always one of the major concernsa as well.


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