What to expect in your first job?

Have landed with your first job. What are do’s and don’ts. What to expect and do in your first job?

In your first job expectations are many, make sure you do not get overwhelmed.

  • Expect lot of forms HR paper work : There would be lot of forms, PF, Disclaimers, Work ethics, Internet usage policies etc.
  • Be Punctual, attentive, reliable: Ensure first 3000 hours of work you must attend on or before time. Pay attention to meetings and reliability get things done.
  • Performance reviews, ask for an evaluation in a month: First 90 days are probation period ensure you create a good impression.
  • Constructive critism: Ask for feedback and how to improve
  • Listening is important: Listen more and talk intelligently. Understand big picture.
  • Complete the year at the job: Most people think of changing jobs within an year. Give the job atleast a year to see if you like it or you don’t. If you jump ships often you may get a god raise in the beginning but your career and salaries will plateau in the long run. Typical in Indian job market today. Hence India creates lots of jack of all and master of none.
  • Manage expectation: Don’t lie about your skills, If you have then prepare for them well. People who have prepared for jobs before hand will be
  • Observe company culture, communication: Read about company before hand, know about nature of business. Observe the culture. Use the prevalent method, in-person talk or messaging or email
  • Email ethics: Do not CC the world on a reply that is negative
  • Be truthful: If something is not happening tell them, it won’t happen
  • Take initiative: Ask for new responsibilities, be eager to learn. But do not over-commit and under perform
  • Work for passion not for money. Dance like nobody is watching
  • Follow a plan: Even if a failure, boss will be impressed you have thought through
  • Create linked in profile and update
  • Double your job description
  • Remember Names of Co-workers and call them by name when you see them to say hello. It makes them feel good.
  • Say yes to lunch most lunch meetings end up in useful bonding

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