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Engineering project ideas for electronics

Looking for some great engineering project ideas for electronics as final year projects or mini projects. Remember your aim is two fold getting good marks and getting a great resume. Great resume and good marks will help you with the end goal of a great job. However, to get a good job you need to know in and out of the project. Be it small or big project must be something you can understand in and out.

Dont combine multiple technologies. Look for engineering project ideas for electronics in some sites listed below has a good collection of electronics projects with circuit diagrams. They are divided into categories like Solar, DIY, Arduino, 555 to help you pick the right project for you.

Electronics for You magazine also has some great project ideas. Primarily used by Hobbyists and people who have built something before. The circuits are quite reliable, magazine has been in exisitance for a long time and has a large number of new ideas that comes with every issue.

Adormi Technologies is great for first timers I would suggest to use good quality readymade kits will all components in there. You can use these to first build and also can expand on what already exists. Adormi has some great project kits and engineering project ideas with lot of material included in the interactive CD that comes with it. Pick the technology you want to work or choose coursework like analog electronics or embedded programing for a nice search available. Checkout product videos, creative project ideas. If you dont find exactly what you need, take the ppbase product and expand on it. If you would like some added technical help. Adormi aslo provides internship program which allows you to get dedicated technical mentor to help you build. Is official IEEE site. As a student if you have no clue what to do, this is not the site you would want to be in. If you know topic you are interested in just type the keyword, browse through the papers and try to implement one of the ideas proposed. Professors love hearing that your engineering project idea is based on an IEEE paper.

You can also do some back tracking pick IEEE paper you like and use that to search the components or a project based on the idea.

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