What is Internship?

what is internshipInternship offers you a unique opportunity to students to have hands on experience with industry while still in college. These are major aids in seeking employment after graduation. Internship exposes students to industry environment and work culture making it easier for them to transition from students to professionals. It gives a chance for the student to understand their strengths and get feedback from industry. Internships benefit both students and industry. Industry gets a chance to get some work done and test a student for an extended period before making them a permanent employee.

There are two kinds of internships available in the industry: 2 month and 6 month internship. Most companies offer internship for 6 months alone, these can be paid or unpaid. Two month internships are usually unpaid and hard to find. The kind of work in an internship is dependent on the company’s requirements, what they(company) needs to get done. More opportunities in internship are in the operations and support side and very few in R&D. Internships are few and students are plenty. Companies interview students throroly to select few candidates.

The more number of internships the better your chances to get a job. Internship hunt must begin from 1st year itself. Some colleges provide a dedicated time for internship while others do not. For those colleges that do not provide time for internship, there are several flexible at home internship programs that help you get exposure during regular college sessions providing you your choice of exposure to industry. These internships are paid internships where you have to pay fees for getting service of the internship.

Internship opportunities in India ?

India has a lot of internship opportunities available during summer and for an entire semester (6 months). Most colleges tie up with companies to place students as interns. However, these opportunities are limited to major cities in India, where living expenses are high and stipend(pay) just enough to cover living expenses. Increasingly in India opportunities to do internships from home are available. There are several internship related websites that show internship oppurtunities for various field. Indian job sites have also started posting internship positions helping connect students with hiring managers.

How to choose the right internship?

While choosing the right internship you must keep the following in mind

  1. Location :  What cities are you open to moving? Where do you want to make a long term career? Its no use choosing a city where you will never move or where living expenses are unaffordable.
  2. Company: What is the profile of the company where you think you would be seeking employment in the long run. Does this company match the profile of the company you are looking for (R&D, Support, Operations, Manufacturing etc)? Big names do not nescissarily equate to the right company. Eg. If you are an Electronics engineer CitiBank may not be the right company.
  3. Kind of Opportunity: Does this opportunity give you the kind of exposure you have been seeking? What is the work? Will you be able to do what you thought you would be doing in the company.
  4. Stipend: Is the stipend good enough to pay for all your lodging, travel and food expenses? These expenses differ from city to city, ensure you do your research before you accept. Eg. Rs. 5000 may be great stipend in Punjab but not in Bombay.
  5. Chances of employment: How many students are hired at the end of each year in the company? What is the kind of students hired? Do you think you are the right profile to be hired. Think over these questions before you accept.
  6. Network and exposure to industrial executives: What division will you be working in? What people will you be networking with? The people you network or associate with also governs your learning curve. They also would be helpful in seeking employment elsewhere if not in the current company. Learning from others experience will make you a learned person and more fit for the industry.

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  1. HiI am currently coleiptmng an internship in Los Angeles in Social media and Marketing and am loving my time out here.I had a few questions which i was wondering whether you could help me with.I would love to get some work out here, be it a year, 18 months or 2 years and wanted to know whether there were any specific companies (in the Marketing/ PR industry) which look to employ people on the J1 exchange program, and whether you could tell me which companies these were.Will

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