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Looking for Final year project , here is an abstract to help you choose.

Abstract for Project:  Adormi Gesture based Wireless Presentation Tool


This product is an innovative new idea to create hand gesture based presentation tool for Microsoft power point. Presentation tool is touch less solution to flip pages and start or end the presentation mode. This product will be consisting of two pieces of hardware. One piece will be connected to the laptop/ PC through USB port and the other piece will be a wireless dongle which could be placed anywhere in the range of 15 meters radius of the first hardware. The wireless dongle contains infrared sensors which detects the direction of motion of hand when a swipe gesture is detected within 3cm radius of this hardware. The IR signal is encoded using HT12E encoder IC and transmitted to the receiver hardware connected to the laptop/ PC using 433 MHz RF module. Implementation of this product will require use of microcontroller and MATLAB code along with USB-UART converter.

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Gesture based Wireless Presentation Tool requires a MATlab equipped PC for gesture controlled presentation process. This project will made up of two different control boards named as gesture sensor or RF transmitter and presentation control board or RF receiver control board. Connect the RF receiver control board with the PC using USB to UART bridge controller. Provide input power supply to the RF transmitter (Gesture sensor) control board. Run the MATlab GUI file on the PC. After running GUI file a browsing window will appear on the screen. Now you select the presentation file in that browsing window. Doing so will help presentation first slide to appear on the PC screen. Now you pass a hand gesture from Right to left, in the distance of 3cm over the sensor hardware. Right to left gesture will show up next slide on the PC. If you pass a hand gesture from the left to the right previous slide will appear on the screen. If you put your hand in front of both of the sensors at the same time, presentation will automatically turn OFF.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Hardware:
    • Atmega-8 Microcontroller
    • RF Transmitter and Receiver Module
    • USB to UART bridge controller
    • IR Gesture Sensors
    • Encoder and Decoder ICs
    • MATLAB equipped PC
    • Printed Circuit Boards and other key components
    • Software:
      • Interactive GUI MATlab Interface
      • USB-UART Bridge controller Drivers

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    talk about advance technology right here. It is something i would use for my work’s presentation. I sure will check out that website you gave so I can get more details about it.

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