Best MBA Programs

What makes a Best MBA Program? MBA Programs around the world cover pretty much the same theoretical knowledge then how is one program better than the others. Why is Upenn/Wharton, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of business, London School of Business are different from any other MBA colleges?

We need to study these college programs in further details to understand them better.

Best MBA Programs constitute of the following key components

  • Core Subjects with decent selection of appropriate Electives
    These typically consist of Fixed core, Flexible core along with electives
  • Quality of Professors obviously make the programs great as well. Faculty must have worked in the industry themselves in the field of the subject they are teaching. Real life experience teaches much more than any book.
  • Visiting Professionals who share their experiences and views on subject matter give a fresh prespective to learning and keep student current with the market and market trends.
  • Overall personality Development Focus
    Along with educational electives there are several extracurricular like Sailing Club, Food Club, Student Advising Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Toastmasters etc. Work hard and Play hard makes a complete personality which helps a professional and a person grow.
  • Case Studies and Role Play assignments
    The curriculum is loaded with real life case studies of companies, Role play assignments and real life business problems.
  • Eligibility Criteria
    Professional work experience is a must. Very few fresh grads are taken into any MBA college. They expect you to experience real world before you begin MBA.
  • Global Immersion Program
    “A stint abroad enhances creative potential among MBA and undergraduate students.” – The Hindu.
    A recent article in Hindu rightly points that MBA Students who have visited aboard achieve better outcomes in negotiation exercises that demand creative.

Global immersion programs that encompass not just fun overseas visits for the sake of making a good MBA Program resume but to provide the much needed global exposure with visits to Business Schools and Industries overseas, Technology hotspots and also cultural immersion trips to understand psychology of people of different ethnicity. Adormi Technologies helps MBA colleges that don’t know where to start with Global Immersion Programs with a complete solution from Pre and Post assignments to the actual logistics and program creation and execution. Their Global Engg Outlook program is customized and available for MBA and Engineering students as two different program. Checkout

Best MBA Programs in India would be those who offer most of these above mentioned key components in their program.

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